HOW TO OVERCOME THE "PLATEAU" - 10ReasonsWhyYoureNotSeeingResultsInYourWorkouts

You’re going hard, you’re busting your butt to be the healthy and fit version of yourself that you so badly want to be. You’ve been real about your goals and have been working to reach them the best way you know how...But ya know what? Sometimes you don’t have the tools to hold yourself accountable. So what are the reasons why you’re not seeing results in your workout? Let’s figure this thing out together, and lay all of your cards out on the table - No worries, judgement-free zone here!

  1. You’re only working out in your mind - Really ask yourself...Are you working out and every time you work out, are you pushing yourself at each workout to improve from the last? Well, you need to if you want to see ANY kind of results! If it doesn't challenge you, it doesn't change you.

  2. Working out the same “fun” muscle groups and avoiding the ones you think are too hard to work out? Hello core, hello back!  Don’t be lazy, or you’ll get lazy-looking results. If you need to, work out those “tough” muscle groups first so that you can have more “fun” working out the muscle groups that are easier for you.

  3. You don't time yourself between sets. Next thing you know, you’re worn out and ready to stop and haven’t given that workout its proper attention. Bring a notebook which will hold your blueprint for your workout that day, and stick to it! While getting the proper rest between sets.

  4. You allow yourself to exercise only when you’re in the mood for it. Like other goals in your life, your workouts should be a priority as well. It should be like breathing and blinking. Your mood fluctuates, thus your workout schedule could do the same and that’s not what you’re aiming for, right? Okay then! Get consistent and get results!

  5. You’re getting caught up in cardio when you need to be packing on muscles. Cardio is cool, but if you’re trying to get some gainz, you need to focus more on weight and resistance training. Just be realistic and logical about your goals and work towards them accordingly. Your body LOVES lifting heavy, trust me.

  6. How do you know if your weights are too light? You ain’t feelin’ the burn. As mentioned earlier, your workouts should always strive to be improved from the last one...every. single. Time. If you can do a bazillion of a movement, it’s time to increase the resistance.

  7. You’re selling yourself short. Instead of hitting your goal of 10 reps, you’re only hitting half because your brain is thinking of 101 excuses of why you can just like, stop yanno? Because you’ll do better next time. Get a spotter or workout buddy to hold you accountable if you know you won’t. It can make your workouts more fun and rewarding as well! If the rep count calls for 10, your goal should be 12.

  8. You’re rushing to just get through the workout and you’re not paying attention to how each rep and workout makes you feel, therefore not allowing you to make adjustments for a more effective workout in the future. A slight change of posture or increase in ROM (range of motion) can be a huge game changer, but you only notice if your taking the time to notice.

  9. You're simply not pushing your limits. Yes, you have worked diligently to get where you are now, but you’re still not where you absolutely want to be. Keep pushing that envelope and consistently beat your goals! Again, each workout should feel like a triumph.

  10. You’re terrified to eat carbs in fear of gaining too much weight. Carbs are not your enemy...they’re actually in most foods that we eat. They actually provide your body with lots of energy, especially when you’re working out. Think of it this way...they keep you going and assist you during workouts!

So, what are some reasons that you’re not seeing results in your workouts? Take the time and really be honest with yourself, write it down, and then develop a plan that will get you to where you need to be. You got this!